You don’t need to be an expert to understand…just by looking at a picture, (you) get an immediate sense as to how the business is doing…Because it is so measurable and because we can communicate the relative success of a particular program or campaign as compared to a control group where we did nothing, it becomes obvious to everyone what we should do or what we should repeat…This is not just a marketing tool (alone); it is a philosophy and approach that has permeated every (function within our company)…It makes everyone successful, and so there is no resistance to it. The benefits of it become obvious.

— Todd Walter, CEO
Elizabeth Arden Red Door spas and affiliates retailer


Your timing of seeing recurring, visualized dashboard results from our MonetizeYourData / HumanizeYourData approach — which is similar to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door spas and affiliates retailer, which has been successful even in the severe, current 2008-2009 economic downturn for so many, and which was the focus on a report in a front cover feature article, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, by Heather Fletcher in the magazine Target Marketing in June, 2009 — could take up to a year to optimize to your full benefit over the long-term, but only 60 to 90 days for an actual dashboard launch and a tangibly value-added implementation for your benefit.

According to the Aberdeen Group (market researchers), the Elizabeth Arden Red Door spas and affiliates retailer is a proven, profitable leader in “The Recessionary Marketing: How Best-In-Class Companies Are Weathering The Economic Storm.” 37% of best-in-class businesses now have at least a basic marketing dashboard up and running, and 35% more plan on deploying a dashboard soon (not to mention the effective uses of dashboards well beyond marketing, across all operations).

MonetizeYourData / HumanizeYourData offers you reasonable rates towards shared survival in tough times for so many within that first 90 day ramp up, and then is dedicated to your long term marketing and financial success if you desire to continue our relationship with fair compensation built around shared bottom line prosperity.

We are honorable, value-added service providers, and want you to know, frankly, that there are no guarantees in business and life, especially in this economy, but you should actively try, in your own enlightened self-interests, an affordable advantage like us.


Our MonetizeYourData / HumanizeYourData effective hybrid approach unlocks income and time for your business or organization by fusing 360 degree buzz marketing strategy closely guided by recurring, visualized analysis — through a dashboard just like your car telling you what is going on with interactions with the road (not just theory of how things are supposed to be) — of what really goes on through your company or organization Website, and beyond in your overall daily in-person operations — rather than conclusions driven by analyzing numbers, even if correctly, in a void, as we have observed some of our competitors are producing for their customers, resulting in the wrong conclusions from the data…or from / by those customers, bad measurements or no data, and flying blind dangerously.

The respected marketing expert Seth Godin clearly supports the point that many people get confused or deceived about math in general in life and business (and the numbers crucially important to your survival). MonetizeYourData / HumanizeYourData is here, mindful to help you ask the right questions to your benefit consistently well.

Of course, you must be dedicated as a business owner or organization leader to keeping your marketing strategies fine tuned and real world (including online). Dashboards can provide a(n) unified view of your financial performance and other business indicators that provides actionable insights into the overall health of your business or organization.

Dashboards can provide warning signs in operations before disaster strikes, but the best dashboards still mean you must drive well (whether you are driving your car, or directing your business or organization).

What dashboards cannot do is get your customers to give you all of their money, but dashboards provide specific data and actionable insights about what’s going on in your business or organization — towards providing your guests and customers a WOW! experience. The Elizabeth Arden Red Door spas and affiliates retailer found that guests were more likely to return if they were treated well while checking in and out. So it became clear the guest services representative was such an important position that the human resources team needed to develop interview questions designed to find employees with the competencies that bring guests back. So marketing then becomes core to hiring, operations, and much more. Each employee must walk the talk of being a quality guest and customer service representative. The WOW! experience, co-branded with your business or organizational identity, name, logo, business cards, and more, then becomes your business culture and widely known way of doing business, much more than traditionally separated thoughts and practices of certain marketing mechanisms alone or even combined in a void. Dashboards and direct marketing (as with the competitive advantages of mobile marketing, if also thoughtfully deployed, as described below) literally guide profits through the door — if you work with the methods and tools, and keep at it.


Even a superior general marketing campaign is guesstimated to produce only a 4% lift in sales (less the overhead costs to achieve that income, which is increasingly kept down by businesses in tough economic times by sending out emails alone — with questionable results). This is what those businesses and organizations pursue that are generally thought of as sharper than many of their competitors.

However, rather than a 4% sales increase (if you are lucky), for the time investment involved with more uncertain outcomes, the Elizabeth Arden Red Door spas and affiliates retailer achieved 300% (!) greater sales through dashboard-driven, low-cost strategic combinations of e-mail and postcards. This is no fluke, as in one very bad year in the overall economy no less, 2008, the Elizabeth Arden Red Door spas and affiliates retailer carefully tracked these results in the year of their dashboard system’s launch across more than 100 marketing campaigns — more micro-targeted, less wasteful, and more efficient, looking carefully at data points such as e-mail addresses, household addresses, and beyond the cash register and point of sale (POS) system.

Insightfully, their dashboard revealed to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door spas and affiliates retailer that only 5% (the core guests) of total customers generated more than 50% of the profits. Not all customers, and approaches to customers, impact your business or organization equally.

Specifically, at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door spas and affiliates, gift card and gift certificate sales increased 9.3% over a control group, where only 3.2% bought gift certificates and gift cards under (so-called) normal circumstances. However, the dashboard data also revealed in the 2008 campaign in tough times that the lifetime value (LTV) of customers gained through the actual gift card and gift certificate redemptions are just as important as the 5% of current customers who generate more than 50% of current profits.

The vast majority of the time, guests who redeem gift certificates and gift cards end up spending far in excess of the value of the gift cards and gift certificates. It’s not so much the absolute dollar value of each gift card or gift certificate sold; rather it’s the absolute quantity of gift certificates or gift cards sold even in smaller dollar amounts. Therefore, it is literally, measurably better to sell two $50 certificates or cards than one $100 card or certificate. For every guest that comes through your business or organization’s door, literally and figuratively, both, you are then increasing the financial opportunity to convert those guests into lifelong, recurring customers and repeat business.

You can also cross-sell underperforming products and services deploying the dashboard insights, increase customer visit frequency, reactivate guests who haven’t been customers in say, a year, convert first-time guests into customers, and enable visitors to refer friends.

Recurring services generate repeat business, if you know the what, when, and how of what customers and combinations of services. Actionable insights into your actual marketing strategy and performance are essential.

For example (also in Target Marketing magazine), the article Look Before You Leap by Jay B. Wilson reports that good direct marketing leads to better mobile marketing return on investment (ROI) — through texting and leveraging promotions to generate a customer opt-in mobile database (which must be legally compliant). There are more than 210 million text message users in the U.S., and mobile phone penetration is expected to reach 93% soon, in 2010. More than 80% of text messages are opened within an hour of delivery. There are reports of business customers seeing text message open rates of their properly deployed marketing exceeding 95%, and coupon redemptions at more than 25% to date. Most text messages must be 160 characters or less.

You should offer a tangible short-term benefit of providing content, then leverage that benefit to get mobile phone user opt-in permission (recorded in your database) for ongoing mobile communications. Text message opt-in rates are approaching 80%, particularly now that more people are joining unlimited data and text plans with their calling plans and billing arrangements (You should also make how to opt out of receiving your text messages clear and easy, fully complying with not only U.S. laws, but potentially tougher Canadian and other laws in various countries.

Comparable explorations should be actively pursued on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook as well.

Direct customer transactions on mobile phones are also emerging, and participating in a text message advertising network is a further possibility.

Engage prospective customers with a clear, brief call to action word for them to text back, like the word: Win. Be careful to text age-appropriately, knowing when — and when not — to text phrases such as cu-l8r. Learn about smart codes,unique five-digit codes that can serve as your text reply address, including vanity smart codes such as from Coca-Cola: Enjoy (36569); smart codes are also used on the highly popular talent show American Idol, as a way for viewers to actively vote (for a cost) for their favorite performers. So, it can take up to three months to secure a smart code. Build your database first.

How will mobile play an integrated role in your overall branding and direct marketing efforts? What about the mobile and other marketing efforts of your competitors?

Can you reduce other advertising or other marketing expenses through targeted texting and other targeted approaches? How will you differentiate yourself from your competitors? How will you survive, then thrive?