There is a person we found recently named Dustin Curtis who manages to live in (his blog says) both San Francisco and New York — a “neat trick” 🙂 — Let’s talk Dustin! 🙂 — who has written a very revealing blog post about how little word(s), spelling, and placement changes tangibly, even measurably, specifically, effect online behaviors (and in ways not so obvious, and in ways including, yet potentially well beyond your effectiveness — or not — on Twitter).

We commend Dustin Curtis for these clear insights and dedication to direct marketing-type testing, which when done with the proper heart and mind can be truly in customers’ and communities’ (with the businesses’ and nonprofit organizations’) best interests.

We are interested in taking Web analytics approaches a real world step further into demonstrating “physical world” bottom line results as part of a comprehensive buzz and 360 marketing — and total operations — approach. We hope to be helpful and value-added to your business or nonprofit organization.