Once again, in our recent discovery (through Avinash Kaushik) of Chicagoland’s Peg Corwin of US SBA-SCORE (and through her, we found local online search authority Solas Web Design in Petaluma, California), here is another “unusual find” in explaining the latest data-driven formulations for how your business or nonprofit organization ends up getting ranked online when a person searches for you on Google. It is interesting that other online search engines may approach how you get “found” differently, perhaps; it is unfortunate there is such complexity and “mystery” to something so important for your business and you, including that (sometimes inaccurate!) data attributes end up being attached to your business or nonprofit organization even if you do not “participate,” whether you like it or not.

Knowing how to deploy local search keywords is becoming essential to your survival and success, and yet, this is a still changing and not well understood “core” of online marketing — also with very real world implications.

We hope that you find this insightful and helpful.