There is a tendency for stressed and busy business owners and nonprofit executives of all sizes these days to be so overwhelmed by social networking (even if they are actively trying to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, and more…or “not”) and the many and increasingly free or lower-cost measurement tools (Google Analytics and more) that an opposite effect might be taking place: they choose not to participate…or “not well” — as if that is actually an option when traditional cash flow, what has been the life blood of a nonprofit or business is under siege in what appears to be a long, broader economic downturn ahead.

We are optimists by nature, but all the numerical and other signs don’t look good for our economy, communities, and planet — and perhaps your and our families and futures?

So what should you do? Why bother? Why is this crucially important to your survival and future, starting today?

We hope to be helpful to bridging the gaps between your time and money through real value-added, with specific approaches and guidance for you (seeing the forest through the trees, so to speak, looking wisely at the bigger picture through your daily operations).

TechCrunch is one of Silicon Valley’s must read blogs, but it is this excellent post by them specifically on “Social Customer Relationship Management,” or “sCRM,” that goes well beyond their airline example, and has the greatest real world example of the why and how YOU need to be focused on this — hopefully in shared survival and success with our help, so you (and we) can handle it all, not just read about it while your competitors are taking their own survival and success actions.

Here are other thoughtful perspectives from Wired Magazine, regarding how Facebook sees itself as a key part of a social graph that can understand your customers — and you — differently than “Google-nomics.”

In our view at MonetizeYourData / HumanizeYourData, we are much more concerned about these “differences,” from Google, Facebook, and any other technology company not being at your (time and cash flow) expense, period.

For example, now a widely-used local merchant review online tool, Yelp, is being connected (fyi, on the technology side, looks like through API-plug in integration) with Twitter and Facebook. Yet what exactly is the bottom line for you and your nonprofit organization or for-profit business? Too many people with pure or other motives lose sight of this, and this also cannot be ignored, so for you, is social networking and online marketing — and very real world results even if you do nothing online — lose-lose?

We “walk the talk” of “win-win-win.” Our first loyalty is to our clients and their customers.

If you don’t benefit, and soon, your cash flow survival, growing your business, and more will be frankly “gone.”

Truly, the Future is NOW! Are you ready?