Ms. Peg Corwin, US SBA-SCORE small business counselor in Chicago describes unusually clearly from all we have researched and seen online (and offline) goals, events, and target market(s) segmentation in this post at her blog, Web 2.0 Marketing For Small Business (We find this blog’s several posts potentially helpful to you working with us together, and are adding it to our Helpful Weblinks section of this blog, likely below and to the right of where you are reading now).

Learning about Ms. Peg Corwin came through a Tweet from Mr. Avinash Kaushik, who we already respect so much as one of the only voices in online marketing — and accurately measuring results (not just talking nice words about this) — consistently advocating the development of an actionable understanding of the real world impacts of both online and offline marketing combined (please see throughout this blog more about Mr. Kaushik’s “Trinity Strategy,” including a brief visual diagram hopefully for greater clarity to your benefit).

We hope this is helpful in these challenging times for so many small businesses and nonprofit organizations, where in both instances, especially cash flow is (we have been told by so many) down substantially as unpaid or underpaid demand for services remains — in effect generating a downward economic spiral making things worse in what many are calling The Great Recession, and some are even calling The Second Great Depression.

In times like these, the survival of your business or organization frankly depends on looking at marketing in our MonetizeYourData / HumanizeYourData, online AND offline, real world, organic old school meets new school way.

Anything else, even some of the best blogs and their related services offerings online, may have great operational information for one aspect of business or another, but often fail to cohesively to your benefit answer THE question(s): What’s the bottom line? How do we get (together) from here to there? What’s next?