Monetizing Your Data, activities for unlocking cash flow and saving time both online and in the real world, is (are) rapidly re-forming into multiple online devices, platforms, and channels that must be balanced in order to preserve your sanity as a business or organization leader, let alone being in charge of your own life and responsibilities in these challenging times. Having a customized, yet clear and straightforward strategy is essential, and what that takes first is mindshare. We hope to be helpful to you.

In this light, we specifically hope to be helpful in highlighting — even innovating — best practices such as reposting a value-added Twitter (microblog) tweet referencing Rajesh Setty’s new book #ThinkTweet, and insightful praise for it (and him as an unusually effective resource who we link to from this blog and have praised previously; please see Helpful Weblinks section of this blog to the right and below of this post on the screen) through another blogger he thanks in a tweet, and we pointedly repeat:

UpbeatNowTouching review by @jgodfrey on my new book #Th!nkTweet Thanks Joelle. You made my day!