This Weblink makes a very important point about working with the kind of suppliers, vendors, and service providers (online and real world) who join with you together in hopefully long-term shared success in literally empowering you to understand, learn, and deploy your messages and customer acquisition — and cash flow resulting in sustainable profitability.

Bad providers try to hold you hostage, so to speak, or are sloppy about access and control issues regarding what is after all your data. Don’t fall for that! What if the nicest provider in the world is hit by a bus, and you don’t know your online password? Believe it or now, we recently met with a specialty food company who, because they were busy, understandably, had off-loaded all their Website responsibilities to someone they trusted. This person, pleasant as she was we’re sure, moved out of state for personal reasons and became definitely preoccupied with supplier/vendor/provider marital problems — and the client (not so) small food business and their entire Website were (still are?) trapped.

We hope this is helpful to you. It is important not to feel overwhelmed with your time, yet also not fall into situations where individuals changing their lives can ruin, literally, your business or organization and the bottom line. We at MonetizeYourData/HumanizeYourData are all about working closely with you to make realistic, affordable — and survivable — systems develop and endure.