There can exist all the best practices — and blog posts — in the online world, but if your small business or organization will not deploy them, take specific actions on them in the real world, no one benefits from best practices reduced to more data smog. Meanwhile, in these very tough times, your business or organizational survival, literally, may be at stake. Mr. Frank Reed in North Carolina and FrankThinking consistently make the bottom line case exceedingly well.

Our efforts at MonetizeYourData/HumanizeYourData are about generating shared success opportunities that tangibly benefit your business or non-profit organization and — through that 360 degree marketing and operations process and relationships, your and our communities (and yes, this planet we both depend on for our survival) — not an either/or false choice of vendors who even if sometimes technically better providers (???), suffer (as we also might) from geographic or other constraints. HumanizeYourData/MonetizeYourData has deep experience in bridging the gaps — and fulfilling the Chinese proverb: Those who say it cannot be done should not get in the way of those who are doing it. Don’t let time, money, resources (or perhaps misguided perceptions of them) — and especially fear — stall or defeat your success, okay?

Borrowing a page, so to speak, from one of our favorite old movies, Miracle on 34th Street, where in the end, it is good for Macy’s business bottom line that Santa Claus (so ultimately customer-service oriented, and no business fool either — according to no less than the world-class business magazine, The Economist) recommends Gimbel’s (department stores), and walking our talk about the Proverb: So as we water, we are watered — not naively, not always directly, but somehow some way this has always proven to be true indeed, here is a Weblink to Frank Thinking, and an offer of a(n) useful free download. No affiliate revenue generated, no referral consideration, no agenda, no “catch.” Just trying to bridge the gaps and hang on to survival, hopefully finding helpful kindred spirits through sharing what we know, in both heart and brains, in these very tough times for so many. Thank you for caring when you don’t have to, and even when it is your interest too.

We hope that this, in many ways (some obvious, some not), is helpful to you.