We at MonetizeYourData/HumanizeYourData review so many resources for the benefit of your business or organization, and yet we keep coming back to the great Web analyst Avinash Kaushik and his Trinity approach (much more on Trinity — at least the customer, business, and technical one — including visual diagram, at this/our Website) to what works in the real world of customer experiences, behaviors, and ultimately, actions necessary for your survival and beyond.

It was nice to see another respected online resource of many years (we have known of his impressive work for at least nine now, dating back to our leader’s service in-sourced through United Staffing as a data team contributor at Goldman Sachs Financial Institutions-Technology Group/FIGTech), Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, graciously and helpfully placing a video interview with Mr. Kaushik on his excellent Website, Web Marketing Today.

Dr. Wilson also is an ordained Christian minister who has been personally inspirational online over the years in our doing well, doing good teamwork and leadership on both US coasts — and regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you may want to take some time to learn about this man who brings community to the an Internet and broader society today that could use a lot more kindness…and sustainable income shared opportunities. As stated in Proverbs, So as we water, we are watered. This is not only doing the right thing for the right reasons (which you should and we try to); it is frankly about high-performing business — and the bottom line.

We have certainly walked this talk in our own work and lives, as it also definitely appears Mr. Kaushik has; his book on Web analytics states that all proceeds are going to very worthy non-profit organizations. We recommend you look into him, as well as Dr. Wilson, for more unusual than they should be practical models of profitably, and in a shared sense, humanizing your data. No man (or woman) is an island, as the saying goes — and as much as people get tunnel vision, we all need to be powerfully reminded of that from time-to-time, some more than others.

We hope you find this helpful in these truly tough times for so many, and we all need to rethink what is right under our noses, so to speak, in the everyday challenges — and opportunities — of our businesses and non-profit organizations that require new and sustainable cash flow to successfully serve real customers…and real needs.