This Weblink, again from the highly respected and insightful Avinash Kaushik, highlights a major eMetrics Web analytics conference from two years ago, which was linked to a related update from a just completed similar conference in San Jose this year — and specifically that — I add especially in 2009, in these tough times for so many — data accuracy rather than exact precision is most valued, and specifically in what customers have done in the near past that predicts immediate future behavior (and spending which puts money in your pocket) rather than demographic profiles of so-called like types, or even what customers say they are going to do or spend (which often turns out not to be the case).

Your time, money, and survival are valuable. Don’t waste them on the wrong lessons from misunderstanding the information about your business or organization that can be almost too much now. Even the comments that follow on to Mr. Kaushik’s blog post are very good to read with care, especially from one (or more) person(s) who speaks of their actual real world financial impacts from their significant e-commerce activities.

We hope you find this helpful