All the (free, sort of…) so-called organic SEO, paid (ad-focused, money out of your pocket) SEM, and (free, sort of…) Google or other Web analytics tools in the online universe will not help you if you do not actively seek to understand your customers — and what you specifically want and need from, and offer to, them.

We share best practices tools and suites of tools with you whenever possible, yet consumer or donor insight through context — your own vision carefully aligned with the big picture of what is going on in your community, country, and the world in these tough times for so many — is crucial, frankly. This two-part series of Weblinks (part one and part two)from food industry experience really applies to all industries, and non-profit organizations as well. We at MonetizeYourData / HumanizeYourData hope this helps you. Please join us on the journey to measurably good faith, shared success.