These days, as important as it is to have your core value message (telling the donors or customers why you exist) — and Website — properly aligned, it’s becoming essential to understand your customers well enough that at least some — online and real world — will serve as brand ambassadors for your business or organization.

Easier said than done; it takes a balanced approach between the data, the vision — and common sense.

Speaking of common sense, we’re not in love with the use of the word “viral” in many Weblinks; it’s not just language and timing to think of positive buzz marketing through us every time some consultant merely repeats the lingo of the moment. There IS a difference in our approach to, and desires for, your shared success. We have the capacity to be more contextual, call it street smarts meets book smarts. That is our life experience.

These Weblinks, a two-part series of articles (part one and part two), have some interesting insights (notwithstanding some words we would not use, some different contexts we would describe and propose). We hope to be helpful to you through HumanizeYourData / MonetizeYourData.