We keep noticing some recurring droplets of hope in these especially tough times in marketing and media that are on point to our blog and serving hopefully as a shared survival and success resource for small businesses and organizations (really of all sizes and many types). For example, one of our favorite more media-focused online resources to read is beet.tv — yet repeating with full credit to them what they wrote today below, it is not the first time the specialty communications company Rodale has popped up as a best practice data monetization and Web analytics example of blended print and online resources in what has been even more than tough times, but a groundshift in the publishing industry (especially the newspaper business). Whatever your organization or business is into, we at monetizeyourdata / humanizeyourdata hope you find this insightful, even helpful.

Newspapers with Online Video Grab Substantial Revenue, Report

Posted: 01 May 2009 03:53 PM PDT

The small number of U.S. newspaper with online video operations, are seeing 27 percent of their online revenue coming from video ad sales, according to a research report released today by Borrell and published in Editor & Publisher by Jennifer Saba.

Whether newspapers are making money on online video, given production costs, is tough to say, but what is clear from the report is that if they have inventory, they can sell it.

We reported yesterday that the demand for online video is a booming business for the Associated Press and other content syndicators.

Last fall, I spoke with Chet Rhodes, Assistant Managing Editor for News Video at the Washington Post. He explains how his newspaper integrates video into its site.

Local Online Biz Stabilized for Newspapers

The report finds that regional papers are maintaining local online market share these days and are poised for growth.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer, beet.tv

New York magazine Grabs Top Spot as Best Web Site

Posted: 01 May 2009 07:58 AM PDT

NEW YORK — Congrats to the crew at New York magazine for winning last night for best magazine web site with over 1 million unique visitors. The National Magazine Award was presented at the industry’s annual gala held here last night.

Earlier this year, I sat down with the site’s GM Michael Silberman. He talks about the the success of the site and how its blog strategy has been effective. Michael was previously an online executive at Rodale and at msnbc.com

The mood at the ceremony last night and the not exactly festive, reports David Kaplan at paidContent. More from the New York Observer.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer, beet.tv