May 2009

This Weblink provides one of the more professional overviews and perspectives we have encountered on the online company your business or organization gets, in effect,co-branded with in your necessary social networking interactions across different platforms every day. It is vitally important to your survival and success not only to humanize you data and put your face, values, and warmth on your brand (as we have written previously) — but also to make sure you actively manage who your valuable, important brand is (if you are not careful, even if you are (!), sometimes by default online, whether you like it or not)associated with; we realize that this could almost be a whole additional business, so to speak, and there may not be enough hours in the day for you to do this and your primary responsibilities as you see them best. Yet, if you let this go, you are likely undermining yourself and your organization or business.

We hope this is helpful, and we hope to be helpful towards shared sustainable income and enduring brand tangible results.


The HubSpot folks really communicate well (casually, but directly) the it is what it is ways of today’s social networking — and real marketing and bottom line results. A highly recommended video to consider with care not just for the information, the data, so to speak, but for the way you can literally see through how they discuss and communicate how data is humanized — too often overlooked in many other factually-accurate (but missing that that insightful something) presentations.

We hope this is helpful not only for your knowledge capital, but for your valuable, important, and appreciated time invested.

We have recently discovered “Landing Page Optimization Blog;” we respect them, based in San Diego — not-so-incidentally, one of our favorite cities, and we would welcome mutually-beneficial, sustainable income collaborations along the west coast of the US and well beyond. This Weblink provides their insights on what words to use (or not) on your Website to get viewers to actually take positive actions.

We hope that this is helpful to you, your non-profit organization in search of reaching donors or others effectively, or your business that must survive in these challenging times for so many.

This Weblink focuses on improving Web design architecture, so to speak, specifically landing pages for your customers, donors, and/or clients who might (should?) find you through your coordinated, integrated, cost-effective marketing in different ways. We at MonetizeYourData / HumanizeYourData found it unusually clear in our wide-ranging review of best practices — hopefully to your benefit.

We just ran across this unusual, in our considerable online travels, calculator trying to help determine the value of time and money invested by nonprofits in social networking. It is a little complicated for our tastes, thinking about recurring end user nonprofit individuals and actually deploying practical, enduring tools and solutions, but we praise the Care2 nonprofit online specialty social network for their uncommon efforts (especially for nonprofits) to monetize data and time (and necessarily, mindshare) invested.

This Weblink makes a very important point about working with the kind of suppliers, vendors, and service providers (online and real world) who join with you together in hopefully long-term shared success in literally empowering you to understand, learn, and deploy your messages and customer acquisition — and cash flow resulting in sustainable profitability.

Bad providers try to hold you hostage, so to speak, or are sloppy about access and control issues regarding what is after all your data. Don’t fall for that! What if the nicest provider in the world is hit by a bus, and you don’t know your online password? Believe it or now, we recently met with a specialty food company who, because they were busy, understandably, had off-loaded all their Website responsibilities to someone they trusted. This person, pleasant as she was we’re sure, moved out of state for personal reasons and became definitely preoccupied with supplier/vendor/provider marital problems — and the client (not so) small food business and their entire Website were (still are?) trapped.

We hope this is helpful to you. It is important not to feel overwhelmed with your time, yet also not fall into situations where individuals changing their lives can ruin, literally, your business or organization and the bottom line. We at MonetizeYourData/HumanizeYourData are all about working closely with you to make realistic, affordable — and survivable — systems develop and endure.

There can exist all the best practices — and blog posts — in the online world, but if your small business or organization will not deploy them, take specific actions on them in the real world, no one benefits from best practices reduced to more data smog. Meanwhile, in these very tough times, your business or organizational survival, literally, may be at stake. Mr. Frank Reed in North Carolina and FrankThinking consistently make the bottom line case exceedingly well.

Our efforts at MonetizeYourData/HumanizeYourData are about generating shared success opportunities that tangibly benefit your business or non-profit organization and — through that 360 degree marketing and operations process and relationships, your and our communities (and yes, this planet we both depend on for our survival) — not an either/or false choice of vendors who even if sometimes technically better providers (???), suffer (as we also might) from geographic or other constraints. HumanizeYourData/MonetizeYourData has deep experience in bridging the gaps — and fulfilling the Chinese proverb: Those who say it cannot be done should not get in the way of those who are doing it. Don’t let time, money, resources (or perhaps misguided perceptions of them) — and especially fear — stall or defeat your success, okay?

Borrowing a page, so to speak, from one of our favorite old movies, Miracle on 34th Street, where in the end, it is good for Macy’s business bottom line that Santa Claus (so ultimately customer-service oriented, and no business fool either — according to no less than the world-class business magazine, The Economist) recommends Gimbel’s (department stores), and walking our talk about the Proverb: So as we water, we are watered — not naively, not always directly, but somehow some way this has always proven to be true indeed, here is a Weblink to Frank Thinking, and an offer of a(n) useful free download. No affiliate revenue generated, no referral consideration, no agenda, no “catch.” Just trying to bridge the gaps and hang on to survival, hopefully finding helpful kindred spirits through sharing what we know, in both heart and brains, in these very tough times for so many. Thank you for caring when you don’t have to, and even when it is your interest too.

We hope that this, in many ways (some obvious, some not), is helpful to you.

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