On this Sunday morning, when we were reflecting on a recent visit to the personally inspirational (respecting many peoples and many beliefs in this world) retro-modern Christ The Light Cathedral, with a cafe, gift shop, and more — including a viewing area of Oakland’s wonderful Lake Merritt, we re-read some Easter literature from the church that says:

Pentecost Sunday is the final day of Easter. Christians adopted the feast from the Jewish harvest festival of Shavout, which is a memorial of the day God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses. For Christians, Pentecost is the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples as wind and fire. It is the moment in which Jesus fulfilled his promise to send his spirit to his followers.

Jesus said he’d send an advocate, a helper. There are unlimited ways in which we are helped by the Spirit. Scripture lists seven gifts in particular that the Spirit gives us: wisdom, understanding, right judgment, courage, knowledge, reverence, and awe.

Anytime we need help, we can ask the Holy Spirit to fill us with one of these gifts. We will experience the very same power that the disciples did on that first Pentecost. It probably won’t be as dramatic, but it will be just as real.

Well, we at humanizeyourdata.com / monetizeyourdata.com see the spirit and light of hope for your bottom line in real life in these very tough times for so many — in what Sarah Lacy (we have learned much from her in both her columnist and author roles) insightfully wrote in TechCrunch is happening (and we are observing personally as well) online through what she describes as Twitter Lifecasting.

In a world blending every day more and more between the physical, the real world, and truly, for your organization or business, virtual, bottom line reality, we sincerely hope Spiritcasting (across peoples of many beliefs) is possible to survive, then thrive together in a renewed economy, country, and planet of The We, Not Just The Me.

Are you curious? Are you ready? We hope to help.