From DM News (April 6, 2009):


How will semantics (Web 3.0) change content monetization?

Semantics (processes) text to recognize associations between words on a page. This allows ads to be automatically and precisely connected to the page content, explains James Oppenheim, CMO at Peer 39.

The first of three monetization models for this is the development of targeted advertising, he says.

Another is semantic marketing. Semantic content will be capable of triggering third-party marketing functions, Oppenheim explains. Imagine reading a movie review and being able to purchase a digital feed of the movie on the same page. With all that rich semantic information floating around, data mining will be a big money maker.

Finally, he says, paid content will make it possible to semantically annotate digital content, allowing unprecedented search capabilities. Companies can charge a modest fee to grant a rapid and precise digital content search, he explains. / hope to be helpful in the development of shared, sustainable income in these challenging times for so many.