There is a brief, but unusually well brought together article in DM News (April 6, 2009) called “Custom Evolution,” about data integration and delivery, and coordinated brand marketing that truly generates sustainable buzz and valuable (and measurable) relationships with your customers on a more timely and personal basis (whether B2B or B2C purchases).

The following three trends are hot topics in the sector, says Custom Publishing Council chairman Michael Winkleman:

Multichannel: Besides magazines and newspapers, (even small businesses and organizations doing online and variable data printing publishing, not just traditional corporate publishers) are creating webzines, widgets, and mobile and consumer-driven Web content;

Integration: 75% of consumers prefer getting information through custom publishing rather than ads — but that the messages need to be integrated. Too often in the past custom publications were stand-alone efforts; and

Measurement: ROI has been more important over the past several years, and the recession can only heighten that…dispelled is the notion that custom publishing lacks measurement tools. /
hopes to be helpful in the development of shared, sustainable income in these challenging times for so many. As the business or organization that you are or represent, thanks for your serious consideration and good faith towards shared success.