Earth Day will be 40 years old in 2010. We were at the first one, Central Park, NYC, age 5. Today it is 2009 Earth Day.

What has each of us done, or not done? For our survival? Our family’s? Our community’s Our country’s? Our planet’s?

And yes, the surviving, then thriving of your income — and hopefully ours too.

The stakes in real world, health and financial terms, are very high now, very serious. THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION.

In the 360 degree data analysis, strategy, branding, and marketing that is /, why should you care?

Why should you be curious about working with us in the emergence of online video (that we trained at Stanford University towards)? Key points that are on point from DM News (March 30, 2009) are:

– Online video helps marketers educate consumers on their brand.
– Online video also helps brands reach a fragmented viewing audience more cost-effectively.
– Integrating branded content into video is one option gaining steam.

Do you get the message? Do you see the potential for your business or organization? Think of these Weblinks as our best Earth Day business gifts:

Three Dog Night

Fifth Dimension

Remember, please, that in our gifts of “edu-tainment,” this is all about your business or organization and the bottom line. And hopefully, you just might have fun working with us too! That’s allowed, ya know. Doing Well. Having Fun. Doing Good.