“There’s just too much waste, inaccuracy, and missed opportunities today because organizations (of all shapes and sizes) don’t have the right information. It’s (literally) killing some of them…Now (all) have to do more with less.

Meanwhile, there’s been an explosion in the volume of digital data because of all the machine-generated data available from so many sources. (Big advantages) if you can harness that data and use it to gain unique insight…the trick is how to bring some order to the chaos, and that’s why they come to us.” — Jim Bramante, Managing Director, IBM Global Business Services, Americas, quoted in the Consulting magazine (March/April 2009) article “Bucking the Trend: IBM had a record 2008 and expects more of the same in 2009. How?”

Monetizeyourdata.com / humanizeyourdata.com hopes to be helpful in the development of shared, sustainable income in these challenging times for so many. As the business or organization that you are or represent, thanks for your serious consideration and good faith towards shared success.

We hope to share the journey with you towards more consistent small (and growing) business and organizational marketing performance, with real customer relationships, through a personal and professional focus similar to IBM’s, yet scaled and deployed realistically for you and us at this very important time and place. Are you curious about tomorrow, which starts today?