In our Helpful Weblinks section of this / blog, we reference and praise two authors of significant books on Web analytics (Brian Clifton and Avinash Kaushik, respectively) — and most importantly, the surprisingly (?) broad impacts for you and your business or organization.

A recent Brian Clifton (a senior Web analytics presence at Google) blog post (Measuring Success) is so important in our view to the data smog to profitable knowledge capital “journey” reflected clearly in Avinash Kaushik’s integrated business “Trinity” thinking and approach — so important to day-to-day emerging common sense smaller business or organizational profitable practices, let alone that you can in these tough times survive, then thrive — that we repeat here his Weblink, with real praise for and thanks to Brian Clifton his truly insightful post, and excellent spirit, also including Avinash Kaushik, as ongoing teachers. As the Proverb says (and we really believe): “So as you water, you are watered” in this life. This is also good business! / hopes to be helpful in the development of shared, sustainable income in these challenging times for so many. As the business or organization that you are or represent, thanks for your serious consideration and good faith towards shared success.