Yes, we totally dig the vibe of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and teaching children — and yes, organizations and businesses — to be comfortable in their own skins, not to try to be something or someone they are not. This is hardly naive, actually important for survival and success — and is very real world, given the way we grew up and survived (sometimes, barely) in the tough world of “Urban-land.” Once again, in this amazingly challenging 2009 economy, survive, then thrive, together, is success.

Never Be Boring To Your Customers, In Business More Broadly, Or Life!

Life is not a spectator sport, and certainly not business. Systemically, across a range of marketing and operations, consistently walk this talk — which often makes or breaks you, and us, in these difficult times.

Buzzmarketing is a great book (by Mark Hughes), but also a great, real world approach to business and life. “Controversy,” to paraphrase Dr. Bob Parsons, CEO and Founder of the Web hosting and services company (with consistently solid customer service), can be “inexpensive, but not cheap.” Get it? — and enjoy it! Every day, in business and life, to be worth it, must at least somehow, someway, have a blessing.

If the fusion strengths that make America unique (including our wealth of knowledge capital, together with our personalities) were deployed more thoughtfully, we can and must have empowering values without boredom in a dangerous world. Don’t be a victim, and do it for the we, not just the me. This is measurably excellent business.

Remember that, as you (with thanks) read, click on and through, and reflect on this blog post, we are huge Fred Rogers’, Electric Company, and Schoolhouse Rock fans, respect and come from a family of extraordinarily strong American women and men, and have tangibly walked the talk when some others “blah, blahed” through September 11, 2001 in New York City…AND we believe in “Bob’s 16 Rules”. An innovative Stanford University course completed in 2008 in viral video marketing and analytics for the Web (and beyond) also taught evocation and virulence in online (and real world) bottom line effectiveness.

As President Obama said, in effect, we now must do good business together in “not a red state or blue state, rather THE UNITED States of America.” Is your business ready for this reality, this challenge of what President Reagan also knew makes America — and you — special? Success in business, from the bottom up, must now come from those insights and actions, that place called “Hope,” that may surprise some, but shouldn’t, on which many leaders agree.

Are you ready to really lead your business through 360 degree operations and marketing to break through the clutter and pressures of tough times to sustainable survival, and really, prosperity for your family and you, and your community — and hopefully, yes, isn’t it now clearly enlightened, even profitable, self-interest if not a higher calling, to actually help our planet through the everydays of what you do and who you are?

Literally, bring your customers together effectively. Humanize Your Data. Monetize Your Data. Profit From This — Now. We hope to be helpful in the development of shared, sustainable income in these challenging times for so many. Are you curious about next steps?